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Big Box Farms

Big Box Farms is creating a revolution in the salad aisle by delivering locally grown lettuce through a unique indoor system installed in unused urban warehouses. Our design solution for their consumer brand, Homegrown reflects the difference in their approach and creates a new type of relationship with their customers versus the typical grocery transaction, by emphasizing the local accessibility and reinforcing the connection of the brand to a specific place.

Makewell's brilliant design helped us secure distribution agreements with the largest produce distributors in the country.


Sam Miller

COO, Big Box Farms

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MInna Life

Aiming to bring smart technology to the pleasure product industry with a revolutionary sex toy, Minna Life required a simple identity that established its brand as a premium leader in the field. The smooth and sexy forms of Minna's initial product, Ola informed our approach to designing a simple, universally recognizable logo that implies excitement and joy. Throughout the design system, we focused on clean lines and alluring curves, mimicking the form of Ola.

Makewell definitely shares the credit in our award-winning success. Their support has been critical to the launch of our brand and initial product.


John Pelochino

CEO, Minna Life

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Garden Creamery

Garden Creamery crafts delicious handmade sorbets in small batches, using local ingredients. When they came to us they were lacking the personality in their design that was needed to accurately communicate the unique values of their company. We created a hand-drawn, illustrative design system that is as simple and pure as the product itself. The look and feel reminds us of a time when quality products were made by hand and the care that went into the process was evident.

Whole Foods loved our product but turned us down based on the look of our original package. We came to Makewell and within 3 weeks we had new packaging and within 2 months we were in Whole Foods.


Erin Lang

Founder, Garden Creamery

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Switchboard is working to solve global health issues by using mobile phones to create the largest network of health workers in the developing world. Our work crafting their web presence needed to show just how important simple access to information can be in the countries they serve. We designed their website to quickly become a valuable extension of their brand rather than just a place for information.

The work Makewell did was a key factor in getting investors to see the vision of our company and tell our story, ultimately raising the funding we needed to reach a larger audience.


Eric Woods

CEO & Founder, Switchboard

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U.S. Green Building Council

The USGBC Center for Green Schools needed an innovative way to communicate all of its programs to students and educators in a simple package with a big impact. Based on the concept of physical building blocks, we developed a series of cards that can be used as a fun teaching and learning tool with an infinite set of combinations that suggest new possibilities for future building. The result is a flexible and unique brochure that can be customized and updated modularly, making it a green solution.

Makewell delivered creative that truly connected with our audience in an innovative and unexpected way.


Rachel Gutter

Director, Center for Green Schools

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Brooklyn Mutts

Brooklyn Mutts is an individualized dog walking service that stands out from the pack. When they tapped us to collaborate on building the brand we quickly discovered that they needed a unique identity that spoke to their distinct clientele in the discerning neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. We delivered a brand identity that illustrates their individuality and provides the confidence and security needed for them to establish the client base they were after.

Makewell was extremely successful in finding the unique voice of Brooklyn Mutts, allowing us to shine amongst our competitors. We could have never gained such loyalty and trust from our customers without Makewell's vision.


Dennis Matasavich

Founder, Brooklyn Mutts

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