Brooklyn Sweat

Identity / Print

Offering highly customizable personal training, Brooklyn Sweat is one-of-a-kind in it’s field, providing a modern boutique fitness experience to high-end clientele in NYC. Brooklyn Sweat’s unique model allows them to create individually tailored programs for each of their clients including components targeting fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Given that Brooklyn Sweat provides an experience to its clients, the look and feel of their brand is a critical component to the success of their company. Prior to their launch, Makewell worked closely with Brooklyn Sweat to develop an identity system that would speak to their clients as individuals while reinforcing their key values of fitness, dedication and success. We created a flexible logomark based on the concept of a droplet of sweat to be used across a variety of media including print, web, video and apparel. Each element of the brand feels premium and professional, while at the same time alluding to the hard work and dedication required to achieve real, measurable success.