Identity / Print / Web / Mobile

Originally a go-to agency for their work in previz and test advertising, Napoleon has evolved in its stature over the past 30+ years to offer a much larger scope of production services. As this transformation took place, it became clear that their brand no longer stood for all they offered.

In an effort to draw attention in the industry to areas of service they were not yet known for, Makewell was brought in for the task of rebranding the Napoleon identity to reflect these developed capabilities. The project was more than just refreshing the logo—it took on the larger goal of representing the evolution of the 30-year-old company history as something timeless within the ever-changing landscape of advertising. The solution was an identity and mark that is simple, clear and enduring, that respects the legacy and values of Napoleon, giving a nod to the past while firmly planting itself in the future. The new identity was rolled out for their 30th anniversary alongside a robust website that we designed and built to showcase the incredible art and video work in a state-of-the-art interface that makes their ever-changing content accessible to users.